Oversized heavy vehicles which are used to carry large and heavy cargo tend to slow down traffic. They may also affect road structures due to their large dimension and heavy weight. To ensure the safety of road users, movement of such vehicles has to be controlled.
Oversized Heavy Vehicles That Require Application Submissions To LTA

  • Overall width of the vehicle or the vehicle with load width exceeding 2.6 metres
  • Rear overhang of load is more than or equal to 40% of the vehicle length or 1.8 metres, whichever is lesser
  • Heavy vehicles exceeding laden weight limits

Online Portal
For the convenience of applicants, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has provided a one-stop online portal for the application of:

  1. Permit to use vehicles exceeding width and length limits, and
  2. Notice to LTA for vehicles exceeding weight limits.

Submission Procedure

  • Log on to LTA.PROMPT - Permit for Road Occupation Management PorTal.
  • Register as a member to submit an application.
  • Submission must be made at least 3 working days before the intended date of travel.
  • The owner should check if any supporting documents are required to accompany the submission.
  • For more information on supporting documents and application procedure, please see the list of frequently asked questions (under "Permit for Vehicle Movement" tab).
Police Escort
The use of the following oversized heavy vehicles on the road is required to have (auxiliary) police officers as escorts during the vehicle movement:

  • Overall vehicle height exceeding 4.5 metres
  • Vehicle laden weight of 80,000 kg or more
  • Overall vehicle width of 3 metres or more

Note: All the measurements stated in this article apply to both the vehicle and its load, where applicable.
Contact Information
Road Asset Regulation and Licensing Division
1800 - CALL LTA (1800 - 2255 582)
Last Updated: 11 June 2015