Vehicle Registration Numbers Available for Bidding

Check the latest vehicle numbers available for bidding.

Vehicle Registration Number Bidding Results

Check your vehicle registration number bidding results of the bidding exercises for the last 2 weeks.

Vehicle Registration Number Allocation Pool

Calculator - Registering a Vehicle

Calculator - Cost of Owning a Car

Check the estimate costs of owning a car

Calculator – Category C Early Turnover Scheme

Check the PQP payable for registration of Category C vehicle under Early Turnover Scheme.

Road Tax Payable/Prerequisite(s) To Fulfil

Check your road tax amount payable and renewal prerequisite(s) to fulfil.

Enquire Road Tax Expiry Date

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Check your road tax expiry date

Fuel Cost Calculator

Vehicle Insurance Particulars

Vehicle Transfer Fee

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Check the transfer fees of a vehicle.

PARF/COE Rebate at De-registration

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Check the PARF/COE rebate of your vehicle.

PARF/COE Rebate Details

Check Availability of Parking Spaces

OPC/WEC Conversion Fees

Enquire Next OPC Cash Rebate

Check your next Off-Peak Car (OPC) cash rebate amount and payout date.

Enquire e-Day Licence

You can enquire on the number of e-Day Licence(s) bought for the Off-Peak car (OPC)/Weekend car (WEC) and their usage date(s), if applicable.

Enquire Green Vehicle Rebate Top-up Amount

Check Green Vehicle Rebate top-up amount payable to convert your Petrol-CNG vehicle to Petrol vehicle.

Prevailing Quota Premium Payable to Renew COE

Trade Plate Application Status

Enquire Vocational Licence Status

Check the status and expiry date of a Vocational Licence.

Enquire Private Hire Car Decal

Taxi Matching e-Service Portal

Enquire on Fines and Notices

This e-service allows you to enquire on your outstanding and settled vehicle-related offences for up to 6 months of records.

Enquire on Status of Appeal

This e-service allows you to enquire on the status of the appeal that you have submitted on vehicle-related offences.

Vehicle Entry Permit

Calculate VEP fees and tolls payable for visit to Singapore.

Heavy Vehicle VPC Information

Check the VPC information of a vehicle.