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URL to LTA Open Bidding Website
COE Rebate policy

Before you bid for a COE, you may wish to note the COE rebate policy. Click here for more details.

Open Bidding system
  • Mark the calendar: there are 2 COE Open Bidding exercises in a month. The bidding exercises usually start on the first Monday and third Monday of the month at 12pm and lasts for 3 working days. The exercises will usually end on the Wednesday in the same week at 4pm.
  • You can submit your COE bid, enquire on the bid status and revise your reserve price through the following channels:
Provider Access Channel Submit Bid Enquire Bid Revise Bid
DBS /POSB (for Individuals)
Tel: 1800-111-1111
 ATM  Yes  - Yes 
(for Companies and Motor traders)
Tel: 1800-222-2200
Online  Yes Yes Yes
(for Companies and Motor traders)
Tel: 1800-226-6121
Online  Yes Yes Yes
(for Companies and Motor traders)
Tel: 1800-777-0022 /65-6777-0022 (Overseas)
Online  Yes Yes Yes
LTA Open Bidding Website 
Online  Yes Yes

You must have a bank account with these participating banks in order to bid.

  • You can check the current COE information on the ONE.MOTORING website or on the MyTransport.SG Mobile App (download the App "MyTransport Singapore" via the Apple App Store or Google Play).
  • Submit your bid by indicating your reserve price, the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your COE. The minimum reserve price is $1 and the amount of bid must be in multiples of $1. Bid submitted cannot be withdrawn or revised downwards.
  • A fixed bid deposit of $200 for Category D (motorcycle) or $10,000 for other Categories will be deducted from your bank account upon submission of your bid application.
  • There will be an administration fee charged for each bid application and every subsequent revision.
  • For more details on how the COE Bidding System works, click here and visit Demonstration Kit & User Guide.
Essential points that you have to know when bidding for a COE registration of a new vehicle
  • Except for a company, business or organisation, each applicant is permitted only one bid in each tender exercise.
  • COEs in Categories A, B and D are non-transferable, while COEs in Categories C and E are transferable only once if the COEs were bid under the name of an individual. If the Categories C and E COEs were bid under the name of a company, business (including limited liability partnership, club, associations, etc.) or organisation, the COEs are not transferable. Click here to see the different vehicle categories.
  • COEs bid in Categories A, B and D are valid for 6 months, while COEs in Categories C and E are valid for 3 months ("Temporary COE"). If the Temporary COE (TCOE) successfully bid for the registration of vehicle is not utilised by its expiry date, the TCOE will lapse and its full bid deposit [ie. $200 for Category D and $10,000 for Categories A, B, C and E] forfeited.
  • At the time of registration, the difference between the Quota Premium(QP) and your bid deposit is payable. If your deposit is more than the QP, the difference will be used to offset ARF and RF involved in registering your vehicle.
  • Upon registration, a 10-year COE will be issued to the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is de-registered before its COE expires, the registered owner may be granted a rebate on the QP which he has paid. The rebate is pro-rated to the number of months and days remaining on the vehicle's COE. For vehicles registered using Category E ("Open" Category) COEs, the rebate will be based on the QP of either the Category E ("Open" Category), or its corresponding category, from the same tender exercise, whichever is lower. Click here to see an example.
  • For vehicles de-registered within 2 years of their registration for the purpose of export, the rebate will be capped at 80% of the QP paid on registration. For vehicles registered using Category E ("Open" Category) COE, the rebate will also be capped at 80% of the QP of either the Category E ("Open" Category) QP or its corresponding category, from the same tender exercise, whichever is lower.
  • If you are not successful in the COE bidding, the bid deposit will be automatically refunded to your bank account, one working day after the announcement of the COE bidding results. You may try bidding again in the next tender exercise.
  • You do not need to bid for a COE to renew the COE of an existing vehicle. To renew the COE of an existing vehicle, you need to pay the Prevailing Quota Premium. Click here for more details.






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