The need for vehicle inspection

Vehicles which are not roadworthy can be a potential hazard to road users including you. Regular inspections help to minimise vehicular breakdown and road accidents. Thus, a vehicle inspection regime is needed to ensure that vehicle owners bring their vehicles for regular checks to maintain the basic level of vehicle health.

Systems of a vehicle to be checked

Vehicle Inspection Frequency

Type Of Vehicle Below 3 years 3 to 10 years >10 years
Motorcycles & Scooters Nil Annually Annually
Motorcars Nil Biennially Annually
Tuition cars Annually Annually Annually
Taxis * 6-monthly 6-monthly NA
Omnibuses * 6-monthly 6-monthly 6-monthly
All Other Buses * Annually Annually 6-monthly
Goods Vehicles Annually Annually 6-monthly
Trailers Annually Annually Annually

*Taxis and buses installed with "CNG" or "bi-fuel CNG" system are subject to additional 3-monthly CNG system inspections.

You will receive your inspection notice within 3 months before your road tax expires.
Vehicle Inspection Centres  


Authorised Inspection Centres' operating hours - VICOM/JIC & STA


IU Inspection

Having problems with your IU? Send your car to the following appointed centres.