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Vehicle Modifications that are not allowed:

Vehicle owners who fail to comply with the below specifications may face a maximum Court fine of $1,000 or 3 months' imprisonment upon conviction in Court.

Air Horns

Air horns emit a loud and shrill sound when used. They may distract and cause nuisance to others.

The use of air horns, including modifying existing car horns to air horns, is not allowed.

Disabling of Automatic headlamp switch-on function on motorcycles

When motorcycles are in use, their headlamps must be switched on at all times. This is to make the motorcycles more conspicuous to all road users thus enhancing the safety of the motorcyclists.

Motorcycles registered in Singapore on or after 1st November 1997 must be equipped with an automatic headlamp switch-on function to comply with the above requirement.

Disabling of this function is not allowed.

Chain guards

Motorcycle chain guards help to minimise injury to motorcyclists in the event of chain or sprocket failure.

Removal of chain guards on motorcycles is not allowed.


The chassis is an integral part of a vehicle. If the chassis is badly damaged and is beyond repair, it cannot be re-used and the vehicle must be scrapped.

Crash bars

(e.g. Bull bars, Kangaroo bars, etc.)

Crash bars are designed to protect vehicles from head-on collisions with animals such as deers and they are mainly used in non-urbanised areas.

In urbanised cities, crash bars are not allowed as they can aggravate injuries to pedestrians in the event of a collision.

Daytime Running Lamp (DRL)

Vehicles should only be installed with factory-fitted Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) as the vehicle manufacturer would have designed the lamps to meet internationally recognised vehicle standards.

For aftermarket DRL kits retrofitted onto existing vehicles, there are concerns that such lamps have the propensity to cause unwanted glare and distraction to other motorists on the roads. Therefore, the installation of aftermarket DRL kits is not allowed.

Decorative Lamps

(e.g. Wiper washer LEDs, undercarriage neon lights, vehicle interior neon lights, flashing decorative lights, etc.)

Fitting decorative lamps to vehicles are not allowed as they may cause confusion and distraction to other road users.

Engine capacity

Increasing the engine capacity such as enlarging the cylinder bore of the engine may lead to premature failure of the engine and other related components. Hence, this may also adversely affect the safety and exhaust emission characteristics of the vehicle and is therefore not allowed.

Head lamps

(e.g. aftermarket High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp kits, high wattage bulbs, etc.)

Vehicles should only be fitted with factory fitted HID lamps as they are designed to meet internationally recognised standards. Aftermarket HID lamp kits retrofitted into existing headlamps may cause unwanted glare when used. Therefore, installation of these kits are not allowed.

Replacement bulbs must be of a design recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Using a higher wattage bulb may increase the risk of fire because of a greater current being drawn to power these lamps. Therefore, these types of bulbs are not allowed.

For more information on HID Headlamps, please refer to the FAQs.

Nitrous injection devices

Introducing nitrogen oxide gas (which is highly reactive) into the combustion chamber will result in faster combustion that may be detrimental to the engine. This may lead to premature failure of the engine and its related components, thus adversely affecting the safety and exhaust emission characteristics of the vehicle. Therefore, these devices are not allowed.

Spot lamps

Spot lamps are useful for travelling in remote areas without road lightings and for search and rescue operations.

The light beam projected from a spot lamp is more focused as compared to the diffused pattern of a fog lamp. Use of these spot lamps are not allowed because they may cause glare and distraction to other road users in an urbanised environment.

If fitted, they must be covered at all times in Singapore.

Tinting or masking of vehicle lamps

(e.g. head lamps, stop lamps, signal lamps, etc.)

All vehicle lamps must meet internationally recognised standards. Tinting or masking of these lamps is not allowed as it may adversely affect their performance.

Tow hooks

Most vehicles are originally equipped with towing points for recovery purposes. Tow hooks (as shown in the picture) are not allowed as they may aggravate injuries to motorcyclists should they come into contact with the sharp and hard surface of the tow hooks in the event of a collision.




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