Rates are updated as of June 2018.

Charges may not be inclusive of GST. 

Note: Rates published are correct at time of printing. While much care has been exercised in compiling this list, please note that rates are subject to changes by the building/carpark management without prior notice; hence, this list only serves as a guide. Do personally verify the rates each time you park at a particular carpark.

We welcome you to email us should you come across any changes/updates in parking rates.

Take note that for the majority of car parks, there is a double charge if your vehicle is parked across two time slots.

For Example Carkpark ABC with charging rate of $1.50/hour from 7am to 5pm and $2.50/entry after 5pm.
Time period: 4pm - 6pm
Charges: 4pm - 5pm ($1.50 for first hour): $1.50 
+ 5pm - 6pm ($2.50 per entry): $2.50
Total charges: $1.50 + $2.50 = $4.00

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