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Launched in 1974, the bus lane scheme gives buses priority on the roads, enabling the buses to enter and exit stops more smoothly and providing faster rides for commuters. To further improve bus speeds and promote the use of public transport, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) launched the full-day bus lane scheme along Orchard Road in October 2005.

As buses are more efficient carriers of commuters, with a higher number of passengers per unit road space as compared to other vehicles such as cars, it is necessary to give priority to buses so that more commuters reach their destinations on time. For instance, a single-deck bus can carry 80 people versus an average of 53 cars required to carry the same number of people.

Normal and Full-Day Bus Lanes

The Normal Bus Lane operation hours correspond to the morning and evening peak hours on weekdays.

The Full-day Bus Lane scheme is basically an extension of Normal Bus Lane scheme to cover the weekday off-peak hours, i.e. the interval period between the morning and evening peaks.

Other than weekdays, the Full-day Bus Lane also operates on Saturdays, when many people travel to the city centre for shopping and social recreation.

Operation Hours for Normal and Full-Day Bus Lanes
Days Operation Hours for Normal Bus Lanes Operation Hours for Full-Day Bus Lanes
Mondays to Fridays 7.30am to 9.30am
5.00pm to 8.00pm
7.30am to 11.00pm
Saturdays Not applicable 7.30am to 11.00pm
Sundays and public Holidays Not applicable Not applicable
Vehicles Allowed in Bus Lanes

Besides scheduled buses, bicycles, emergency service vehicles, police vehicles and non-scheduled buses are allowed to use the bus lanes during bus lane operation hours. Emergency Vehicles and Police Vehicles will need to be on urgent duty call (make known by some distinctive siren) in order to enter bus lanes. Non-scheduled buses, such as school buses and factory buses may also use the bus lane. However, they are not allowed to stop, pick up or let their passengers alight along bus lanes.

Do's and Don'ts in Bus Lanes during Restricted Hours

Keep out of the bus lanes


Filter in/out at the dotted bus lanes


Do not stop, pick up or let passengers alight along bus lanes

Bus Lane Enforcement

To ensure that the bus lane scheme remain effective in improving travel time for buses, LTA introduced traffic wardens and the use of on-board bus lane enforcement cameras.

The traffic wardens are deployed at various hotspot areas islandwide to record the vehicle licence plate number of motorists who infringe bus lanes. These locations are usually the ones where most of the scheduled buses were obstructed.


Since 2 June 2008, ninety buses across 12 SBS Transit bus services that ply along routes with bus lanes were fitted with video cameras to record bus lane infringements. The cameras work in tandem with the current warden scheme and ensure that bus lanes remain clear during operating hours.

This system requires little intervention by the driver as the video is set to continuously monitor the road in front of the bus. The video camera also allows LTA officers to assess the circumstances more accurately if motorists are caught on video infringing bus lanes.


Rule 8 of the Road Traffic (Traffic Signs) Rules - Driving or leaving vehicle in bus lane during restricted hours:

  • Composition fine of $130
  • Up to a maximum Court fine of $1,000 or 3 months of imprisonment (if the offence is not compounded and offender is convicted in Court for the first time)

Last Updated: 13 October 2017




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