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About EZ-Pay

About Electronic Parking Services

About vCashCard

Apply for General Licence

Apply for New Heavy Vehicle Park Licence

Apply for VEP / Autopass Card new icon

Authorize 3rd party to deregister (Requires login)

Buy e-Day Licence

Calculate Overall Cost of Owning a Car

Calculate Vehicle Entry Fees for Driving into Singapore

Cancel Power-Assisted Bicycle Transfer (Requires login)

Cancel e-Day Licence (Requires login)

Change Authorised Person’s Details  new icon

Change Usage Date of e-Day Licence (Requires login)

Check ERP Rates

Check Inspection History (Requires login)

Check Road Conditions

Confirm Power-Assisted Bicycle Transfer (Requires login)

Confirm/Reject PARF/COE Rebate Transfer new icon

Confirm/Reject TCOE Transfer new icon

Confirm/Reject Vehicle Transfer new icon

Convert Vehicle Type or Scheme (e.g. Normal Car to Private Hire Car or Revised Off-Peak Car, and Vice Versa) (Requires login)

Convert Weekend Car/Off-Peak Car to Revised Off-Peak Car

Declare Off-peak Car Usage (Requires login)

Deregister Power-Assisted Bicycle (Requires login)

Deregister vehicle new icon

Divide PARF/COE Rebate (Requires login)

Encash PARF/COE Rebate (Requires login)

Enhanced Inspection History (Requires login)

Enquire Appeal Status

Enquire Asset Information (Requires login)

Enquire Available Vehicle Registration Numbers for Bidding

Enquire Bidded Vehicle Number (Requires login)

Enquire COE Expiry Dates and PQP Rates (Requires login)

Enquire COE Quota and Bidding Results

Enquire Discounted PQP Payable for Early Turnover Scheme

Enquire Fines and Notices

Enquire Heavy Vehicle Parking Certificate Information

Enquire Licensing History (Requires login)

Enquire My Vehicle Details (Requires Login)

Enquire OPC Cash Rebate

Enquire OPC Cash Rebate Transaction History (Requires login)

Enquire Offence Details (Requires login)

Enquire Owner's Details (Requires login)

Enquire PARF/COE Rebate for Deregistered Vehicles

Enquire PARF/COE Rebate for Vehicles Not Yet Deregistered

Enquire PQP Rate to Renew COE

Enquire Power-Assisted Bicycle Details (Requires login)

Enquire Road Tax Amount by Engine Capacity

Enquire Road Tax Amount by Vehicle Number

Enquire Road Tax Expiry Date

Enquire Road Tax Payable/Prerequisite(s) To Fulfil

Enquire TCOE Details (Requires login)

Enquire Top-up Needed to Convert Petrol-CNG to Petrol Vehicle

Enquire Trade Plate Application Status

Enquire Transaction History (Requires login)

Enquire VEP / Autopass Card Application Status new icon

Enquire VPC Availability (By Region)

Enquire VPC Availability (By Street Name)

Enquire VPC Details (Requires login)

Enquire Vehicle Disposal Details (Requires login)

Enquire Vehicle Insurance Details

Enquire Vehicle Open Market Value

Enquire Vehicle Recall Exercises (Last 6 Months)

Enquire Vehicle Registration Fee

Enquire Vehicle Registration Number Allocation Pool

Enquire Vehicle Registration Number Bidding Results

Enquire Vehicle Transfer Fee

Enquire Vocational Licence Application Status

Enquire Weekend Car/Off-Peak Car Conversion Fee

Enquire When Vehicle is Due for Inspection (Requires login)

Enquire e-Day Licence Usage

Enquire if Vehicle is under Private Hire Car scheme

Enquire if your Vehicle is under Recall

Enquire or Revise COE Bid

Enter Usage Date of e-Day Licence (Requires login)

Export Vehicle List (Requires login)

Extend Vehicle Number Validity (Requires login)

Fleet Owner - Furnish Driver's Details for Offences (Batch Upload) (Requires login)

Fleet Owner - Furnish Driver's Details for Offences (Requires login)

Fuel Cost Calculator

Furnish Driver's Particulars for Offences (Requires login)

Make ERP Payments

Manage Appeal Appointment

Manage Owner's Details (Requires login)

Manage Registered Vehicle Numbers (Requires Login)

My Assets (Requires login)

My Payments (Requires login)

My Profile (Requires login)

My Transactions (Requires login)

Pay LTA Fines and Fees

Permit for Road Occupation Management Portal

Purchase Deregistered Vehicle Details

Purchase LTA Publications

Re-schedule interview appointment

Register Power-Assisted Bicycle (Requires login)

Renew COE

Renew Road Tax

Report Vehicle-Related Offences (Requires login)

Request Payment Notice (Requires login)

Retain Deregistered Vehicle Number (Requires Login)

Retain Registered Vehicle Number (Requires login)

Retrieve Deregistered Vehicle Details

Submit Bid for Vehicle Registration Number

Submit an Appeal

Swap Vehicle Number (Requires Login)

Taxi Matching Portal

Transfer PARF/COE Rebate new icon

Transfer Registration of Power-Assisted Bicycle (Requires login)

Transfer TCOE new icon

Transfer Vehicle new icon

Update Owner Particulars by LTA/Asset Owner (Requires login)

Update Vehicle Specifications (e.g. Body Colour, Fixtures) (Requires login)

Upload vehicle disposal documents new icon

View Road Tax Past Receipts (Requires login)

View Traffic Cameras

View e-Letters (Requires login) new icon