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All foreign-registered vehicles entering Singapore must possess a valid Autopass Card. An Autopass Card serves as an electronic Vehicle Entry Permit and is used to record your vehicle’s entry into Singapore and to pay all entry and exit fees when your vehicle is driven out of Singapore.

An Autopass Card for one vehicle cannot be used for another vehicle.  Each Autopass Card is linked to a vehicle and contains the vehicle’s road tax and insurance expiry date. Do not use an Autopass Card belonging to another vehicle.

At a glance

Understanding Autopass Card

The Autopass Card is a stored-value card that works as an electronic identification and payment system for your vehicle when entering, exiting and driving in Singapore.

Getting and using an Autopass Card

How to get and use an Autopass Card:

Understanding Autopass Card

The Autopass Card is a stored-value card for all foreign-registered vehicles entering Singapore. It is used to pay all fees and tolls for your vehicle and also serves as an electronic Vehicle Entry Permit for foreign cars and motorcycles. As each card is tied to one vehicle and is non-transferable, avoid penalties by only using the Autopass Card linked to your vehicle.

Announcement Shout-out

When your vehicle is no longer in use, you can return the vehicle’s Autopass Card and apply to get a refund for any unused value.

Getting and using an Autopass Card

Purchasing an Autopass Card

There are several ways to apply for an Autopass Card, depending on your vehicle type. 

The Autopass Cards are available in two values:

$10 - with a pre-loaded cash value of $4 and a non-refundable card cost of $6.

$20 - with a pre-loaded cash value of $14 and a non-refundable card cost of $6.

You can pay for the card by:

  • Cash (in Singapore currency only)
  • NETS
  • Locally issued credit/debit card

For Cars and Motorcycles Registered in Malaysia and Thailand Driving in via Land Checkpoint

For Goods Vehicles Registered in ASEAN Countries

For Buses and Taxis Registered in ASEAN Countries

For Foreign Passenger Vehicles Not Registered in Malaysia or Thailand

Using your Autopass Card

When entering or exiting Singapore via the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint, insert your Autopass Card into the card reader at the immigration booths to record your entry and exit and pay the applicable fees.

Apart from paying entry and exit fees, you can also use your Autopass Card for the following: 

  • Payment for rides on public buses, MRT & LRT
  • Payment at car parks with CEPAS logo
  • Payment for ERP (for vehicles with a dual-mode IU installed)
  • Payment at selected retail outlets with this logo:

Topping up an Autopass Card

Your Autopass Card can be topped up to a maximum of $500. You can top up your card in the following ways:


  • Local Bank ATMs (DBS/ POSB/ OCBC/ UOB)
  • NETS Self-Service Stations
  • NETS Top-Up Machines located at selected car parks
  • NETS Sales & Customer Service Centre

Via cash

  • 7-Eleven stores
  • Cheers
  • FairPrice Xpress

Via credit and debit cards (Foreign and locally-issued)

  • NETS FlashPay Reader App on Android smartphones with NFC capability (maximum top-up is $50 per transaction). The app can be downloaded from Google Play
  • General Ticketing Machines at MRT stations
  • Auto Top-Up (for locally-issued credit and debit cards only)
Via cash and credit cards (Foreign and locally-issued)
  • Top-up booths near Checkpoints
    • Woodlands Autopass Card Top-up Booth along Woodlands Centre Road
    • Tuas Autopass Card Top-up Booth along Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim

Getting a refund for unused value in Autopass Card

You can get a refund for the unused value in your Autopass Card by submitting a refund application at our LTA office at Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoints or at the LTA Customer Service Centre at 10 Sin Ming Drive S575701, between 8.00 am and 4.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays.

Submit the Autopass Card together with the refund application form and a copy of the refund applicant’s passport or NRIC. You can opt to have the cash balance refunded in 2 ways:

  1. A cheque to be mailed to your provided address
  2. Direct credit into a bank account in Singapore
  • Indicate the bank’s name, the account holder’s name and the account number on the refund application form.
  • If the bank account holder is not the refund applicant, submit a copy of the passport/NRIC of the bank account holder.

If you are unable to submit the refund application at the LTA office, you can submit it via registered mail using this refund application form and post it together with your Autopass Card and supporting documents to LTA Customer Service Centre. LTA is not responsible for any documents lost in transit. Refunds can only be processed when all required documents are received and all outstanding payment(s) due to the vehicle is/are settled.

Reporting loss of your Autopass Card

If your Autopass Card is stolen or lost in Singapore, make a report at any Singapore Neighbourhood Police Post. When departing Singapore at Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint, show the police report to the officer at our LTA office for assistance.

If your Autopass Card is stolen or lost in Malaysia, make a report at any police stations in Malaysia. When you next drive or ride into Singapore, bring your police report to the LTA office. You will have to buy a new Autopass Card.

LTA will not refund any value in stolen or lost Autopass Cards.