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A Transaction PIN (TPIN) is a password you need from LTA to sell, deregister, transfer your vehicle, or make changes to your vehicle’s PARF or COE rebates.

Please note that from 26 Nov 2018, Transaction PINs (TPINs) will no longer be valid for use. Vehicle owners may login to using their SingPass 2FA or CorpPass 2FA to perform vehicle-related transactions. Existing TPINs must be used by the end of 25 Nov 2018, after which they will be invalidated.

At a glance

Understanding TPIN

You need a TPIN to securely complete important vehicle-related transactions.

Getting and using a TPIN

There are 2 ways to get a TPIN:

You can use your TPIN for digital services transactions or with Electronic Service Agents (ESA). Only share your TPIN with authorised parties.


If your TPIN is lost or compromised, seek assistance at the LTA Customer Service Centre. 

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Get a TPIN


Understanding TPIN

A TPIN is a one-time password you request from LTA.  It allows you to carry out transactions for your vehicle online, or through an Electronic Service Agent (ESA).

An ESA is a motor-vehicle dealer, a scrapyard, an export-processing zone operator, or a road-tax collection centre that you authorise to submit transactions on your behalf to LTA.

Each TPIN can only be used to carry out 1 transaction.

The following transactions need a TPIN to be carried out:

  • Transfer a Temporary Certificate of Entitlement (TCOE) from a transferable COE Category, i.e. Category C or E, that was bid for by an individual
  • Transfer vehicle ownership
  • Transfer a PARF or COE rebate
  • Split a PARF or COE rebate into smaller amounts
  • Deregister a vehicle

Announcement Shout-out

To make it more convenient for motorists, LTA is progressively replacing TPIN with SingPass and CorpPass 2FA.

Getting and using your TPIN


Applying for a TPIN

Apply online using your SingPass or CorpPass 2FA

Apply at the LTA Customer Service Centre



Using a TPIN

A TPIN is a one-time alphanumeric password for a single transaction.

  • To make multiple transactions for different vehicles, apply for a separate TPIN for each vehicle.
  • To make multiple transactions on a single vehicle, complete one transaction at a time, with a different TPIN each time. Apply for a new TPIN after you complete each transaction.

If you are using the TPIN for digital services, simply enter the TPIN when the system prompts you for it.

If you are using the TPIN at an Electronic Service Agent (ESA), give the TPIN to the ESA or enter the TPIN yourself only when you are ready to make the transaction.

Do not disclose your TPIN to anyone other than the ESA at the time of transaction. It must be kept safe until you intend to use it.


Lost or compromised TPIN

If you have lost your TPIN, or believe it has been compromised, bring all relevant documents and proof of identity and seek assistance at:

LTA Customer Service Centre
10 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575701

Opening hours:

8.00 am to 4.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays
8.00 am to 12.00 pm, Saturdays